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Here in scotland the National Health System has decided to vaccinate young girls using the new Gardasil Vaccine by Merck and Co. As the father of three daughters this effects me and my family. My initial reaction was, No, it’s too new, but I decided to do some research before taking such a stand. So, what’s my decision now that I’ve done some research? Now it’s not just NO! but HELL NO!

Wonder why (if you’re in the the US) you keep seeing commercials showing young girls playing on swings and the like with the ominous music and “Protect you child from CANCER!!!” story line? Why Merck has spent so much money lobbying the government to force, yes force, parents into making their child take the vaccine? Texas has already made the vaccine a requirement. $360 per child. Money, that’s what it comes down to. This is one of the most expensive vaccines ever, more expensive than the polio vaccine, go figure. Merck needed a big money maker to offset the 11,500+ lawsuits their last money maker Vioxx caused, by killing a bunch of people.

Some basic infomation that I’ve found so far

  • The drug was tested for 5 years only and has now been on the market for 2 more
  • Fast tracked through the FDA
  • It protects against only 4 out of a possible 20 different variations of the HPV
  • women test positive for HPV for an average of 10-12 years before cancer forms
  • length of increased immunity is unknown. Might be 10 years, might not.
  • has NOT been proven to lower risk of cancer. Yes you read that right.

Now for some very frightening facts.

Merck was the company that brought you Vioxx, also approved by the FDA. Too bad that one killed an estimated 28,000 people between 1999 and 2003. Yep, 28,000 people dead from that one, oops. It’s also the company that brought you another FDA approved vaccine called RotaShield and then RotaTeq, both of which caused a type of bowel obstruction in vaccinated infants. Oops again.

Gardasil was approved through the FDA based on an extrapolation from conditions known only to be associated with an increased risk of cervical cancer. There has been NO long term study done on this vaccine and no proof it actually lowers the risk of cervical cancer significantly.

Now for the REALLY juicy bit. If Merck succeeds in it’s lobbying, and so far so good, in getting Gardasil put on the list of required vaccines then it becomes free from any liability if Gardasil turns out to be harmful in the future. Yep, Billions made with no liability if they have another Oops. Even if it turns out to cause a generation of children to have spinal bifida or some other horrible genetic illness, well, that won’t be their problem. This was (I believe) brought into effect during the days of the polio vaccine. The government knew there would be a small, very small, percentage of people vaccinated that would get polio. The also knew that they needed to get the vast majority of the population vaccinated. As such they severed liability from the maker of the polio vaccine from those that would get polio. It makes a sad sense, unfortunately Merck plans to use this to their advantage to make money.

They’d never let that happen right? Might want to research Vioxx again. Total testing on Gardasil was with 20,000 women, about half of whom got the actual vaccine, so 10,000 roughly. Fewer than 1200 of those were girls under 16. Less than 100 were under the age of 10. Those girls were only followed for 18 months, no long term monitoring was done on the youngest. Then they waited a few years and saw the incidents of cancer were low. Well, since HPV caused cancer can take up to 10 years or more, well, big surprise, they found a low cancer rate.


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