In the BBC today there is an article about putting a cap on foreigners being able to stay in the UK beyond 4 years. Thus making it impossible for them to become residents.

The group says it also wants to “break the link” between those who come to the UK to work and those who settle in Britain, by putting a strict time limit – 4 years – on the length of time foreign workers from outside the EU are allowed to stay.

Not that we don’t already pay 40% in Government taxes, local council taxes, 17.5% VAT on everything but food. Oh and we have to watch crap commercials saying how bad foreign workers are and how a company will need to jump a lot more hurdles to hire someone from outside the EU.

This on top of the “Points Based” policy will make a foreigner wanting to work in the UK almost impossible. There is a very good chance that I would not be able to get a job in the UK because I don’t have a Higher degree. I build supercomputers for a living and I probably couldn’t get a job here under the new scheme. Go figure.

Very frustrating being treated like your not wanted!