I’ve had a couple of comments and inquiries on how my center console turned out and would I put some templates up.

To begin, I found the original templates I used at


and downoaded the pdf


The templates didn’t quite work like I wanted, so what I did was to cut the templates out of cardboard then with the use of scissors and tape I either trimmed them to fit properly or added more cardboard to fill properly. Once I had the cardboard cutouts so they fit like I wanted I used them as templates for new cutouts. Again, out of cardboard. I then put the completed cardboard center console into my mini and drove around for a week or so with it to make sure it was what I wanted.


Then after a week of messing with that I finally cut out the console using thin MDF and some scraps I had around. I then went to halfords and picked up 2 illuminated cigarett lighters. I use these to drive my ipod and NavSat. I pulled the power for these off of the starter. I’ll eventually rewire the car and put these through their own fused circuit.


A few things to note. I finally decide on 2 cup holders. It’s a tight fit sometimes but I think worth it. To keep the cups from dropping down too far, and to also add structural strenght to the console I added a bar about 2 inches under the cup holes across and screwed it together.

I left the bottom open to allow air flow for the heater.

I’ve been driving with this draft version for a couple of months because I’m lazy and haven’t finished the final version yet. (-: This has worked pretty good so far.