I’ve run across Microsofts Photosynth program and it’s pretty fun to play with. I’ve made a couple of synths that pretty much sucked, then I tried a synth of Melrose Abbey. My first try used 30 pictures of the front portion of the abbey and it’s turned out pretty good.

What Photosynth basically does is take a bunch of pictures of an object and attempt to create a 3d structure. Then you can browse through the pictures in either a 3d format with typical 3d style controls, pan, zoom, tilt, etc. Or you can parse through the photos in a 2d layout form that is VERY quick.

Anyhow. If you put photosynth on your computer, or the browser plug in then go check out my synths.

Melrose Abbey Synth.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this. It’s a fun toy to play with and since I’m close to some really neat architecture I have some fun subjects to add. Hailes Castle, Crichton Castle and Kirk, Roslynn Glen, Abbey and Castle, Etc etc…