So, are you paranoid if you ARE being watched?

One of the most disturbing things about living in Scotland I think, is the constant monitoring of your activities. The average UK citizen on an average day is video taped over 300 times. That’s the average. If you should for some reason become a citizen of interest I can’t imagine how often you’ll be watched.

I went to pick up the girls at school and while sitting in the back of the school I counted a total of 5 cameras watching us.

On the bus ride home from Edinburgh the other day I counted 8 cameras on the bus. 8 cameras for a single level bus, this wasn’t even a double decker.


Here’s a sign on the bus saying that you’re being recorded for you “safety”.

I can understand the cameras at work. I work on some pretty expensive computer equipment. So the 8+ cameras outside the building and the camera at almost every door, and in every computer room, can be somewhat understood. You never know, I might go nuts and try to carry off a 2800 pound computer, ignore the forklift I would need.

Driving home I can’t even count the cameras I go past. The speed cameras, traffic cameras, misc cameras on buildings, etc. Every police car has a camera running in it. The new ones automajically check your license plate against a database to see if you didn’t pay your car tax, or have a warrant, etc. That’s for every car the camera sees as the cop drives around.

Here’s a crowd camera that I ended up catching in one of my Edinburgh Festival pictures. The black ball on top is a high tech camera monitoring and recording the crowd.


And, by the way, don’t try to return the favor of taking pictures of the cameras. They set up the anti terrorism law to take care of that crap! Take pictures of the cameras or cops taking pictures of you and they will throw you in jail under the “new” terrorism laws. I’m not kidding here, it’s happened, and is happening.

I won’t even begin to list the misuse these cameras have been put to. The numbers are to large to count. Things as low as a local council tracking a family for 3 weeks just to verify they lived within a school district. Cameras used to catch people not picking up their dogs crap and issuing tickets.

Now, and this one makes me shudder. The UK government is looking to allow local councils, police departments, and other agencies access to a persons emails, text messages, phone logs, and other electronic information. Yes, your local council will be able to peruse through ALL of your emails, google searches, web traffic, etc. Yep, good to know that the government has your best interest at heart.

I just keep telling myself “I’m only here temporarily, it’s only temporary.”

Please don’t let the US become so invasive. Please let someone see some sense.

I wonder how much trouble I’ll be in for posting this and the picture of the “Police Camera” in action? Gee, maybe they’ll throw me out of this sheep mentality country?

Oh ya, if someone is stupid enough to post “If you don’t have anything to hide” type comment you better do it with a public listing of your bank account number and pin, throw in your social security number, and latest Google searches for fun. Since you don’t have anything to hide.