We decided to head up into Edinburgh this weekend to check out the Edinburgh International Festival. It was pretty interesting, even if we saw less than 1% of what was going on. We ended up taking the bus into town, avoiding the nightmare of parking, and walked around the Royal Mile and then down into the Grass Market area.

Up and down the Royal Mile were different street performers and street artists. There were a ton of people passing out flyers for different shows and venues. They have put up poster posts up and down the mile for people to put up different flyers and posters for people to check out. A good idea.


Here is the main Festival sign around the mid point of the Royal Mile.


Here are some pictures of different street performers we saw up and down the mile and then down in the grass market area.


All in all we had a fun afternoon. Only down side was when we took the 29 bus home. Even though it said Newtongrange on the side, and we see the bus pass through town, this particular bus 29 route turned around in Gilmerton, about 4 miles from home. We ended up having to get off and then wait for the 3 bus to continue on home.