On the way home last week I decided to go for a walk in Rossly Glen. You start down at the bottom of the Glen near the River Esk. As you walk north you pass under the walls of Rosslyn Castle and then back to the edge of the River Esk.

About 1/2 a Kilometer into the walk you’ll come down the path to the right, overlooking some cliffs down to the water roughly 30 feet below or so. Anyhow, there is a nice flat stone that overhangs the river, locally known as “Lovers Leap” As you’re looking at this rock of death you glance to the right and realize that you’re being watched.

There is a green man carved into the rocks. I have no idea of how old this guy is, but old. Really old. For those of you that try to find this it’s about 280 or so steps past crossing under Rosslyn Castle.



Also, a bit farther down the trail you will find a cave on the far side of the river. This is the cave that William Wallace and some of his men hid in before the battle of Rosslyn in 1303. William Wallace was played by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart. This cave is across the river about 350 steps past walking under Rosslyn Castle. 


Not the best picture. But, hey, it’s still really cool. 700 years ago, THE William Wallace lived in THAT cave and kicked the English Army’s butt. He had 8000 men, the English 30,000 and the Scots won.