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Well, It seems I now have a new trade. Dishwasher repairman, and not by choice. Here at our house in the UK we have all built in appliances. Our Bosch dishwasher has now broken twice in the last six months. The first time it stopped draining we called the leasing agency and they sent someone out to repair it, 4 days later. So this time when it stopped draining I figured, instead of waiting 4 days or so, I’d have a gander at it myself.

The problem is it won’t drain. So, first guess is the drain pump impellor has something stuck in it. Now, how to get to the thing. Grab a glass and slowly bail all the water out of the bottom of the dishwasher. That done I pull the filter assembly out from the top. Nothing there, but some slime. Disassemble the bottom of the dishwasher and get to the pump. Looks siimple enough. It has a twist off pump housing. Twist it off and find some broken glass in the impellor. Take the glass out and reassemble.

Pour some water in the bottom of the dishwasher and put power back to it. Water drains out just right. Whoo hooo. Uhmmmm. Why isn’t it stopping? It also seems to run with the door open or closed. That’s not right. I pull the power and scratch my head. Something stuck in the float? Take everything apart again. Nope, looks okay. Take the door assembly apart to check the door locking assembly and switch. No, that looks okay. Take the pump assembly apart again, just because, and IT looks okay. Some water in the bottom of the dishwasher, like in underneatch in the pump area. This happened when I pulled the pump the first time. So I drain the water and poke around. There is a styrofoam float there that’s not attached to the float assembly up in the dishwasher itself. Hmmm… that’s ood, what’s it for? Turns out it’s in case water gets into the bottom of the housing, I guess. Only thing is it doesn’t WORK right.

Water in the bottom of the housing caused the float to rise, which turned on the pump to drain the water out of the TOP part of the dishwasher, which had no water, not the bottom part which had water. So it just ran the pump continously. It also bypassed the door lock switch and caused the dishwasher to run with the door open or closed. NOT a good safety feature. Once I figured this out it was a simple fix. Shove a towel lin there to dry all the water up. Test the system and now everything works fine.

Can you say design flaw??? Oh well, our dishwasher is working again. I just won’t ever buy a Bosch dishwasher. Not after our experiences with this one.


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