Believe it or not, I finally stranded myself in Mr Ed, my classic mini cooper. I took Sis, my nephew, daughter, and I to Tantallon Castle on Saturday. It was raining when we left so I turned on the headlights. Well, in a classic mini you don’t have high tech anything. You know, minor things like, bells and whistles to tell you you’ve left your lights on when you get out of a vehicle. Ya, oops.

Anyhow, we get back from roaming around the castle for an hour and I go to start Mr Ed. Nothing, not even a click. I see the switch in the on position and immediately realize what I’ve done. Okay, no problem. It’s easy to push start. So, sis and I push Mr Ed back and get a run. Blub blub blub. Nothing, not even a pop. push back, try again. One of the other guys at the castle sees us and helps push. Nothing. Again nothing. What the heck??? Well, it seems that if you drain the battery all the way dead in a classic mini, and it doesn’t take much to do that, then you won’t have enough juice to drive the electrical system to push start it. Who, knew? Well, I do now.

I didn’t have any jumper cables with me, but I did have the battery charger and the guy running the gift shop allowed me to pull the battery, take it in, and charge it for 15 minutes. That was enough to kick start the car and get going again.

So, not to self. NEVER leave the lights on in a Classic Mini Cooper!!!

Here’s a pic of the kids hanging out while we waited for the battery to charge.