The Cray X2, originally called the Black Widow, now called the Cray XT5h, X2 blades, has breathed it’s first breath in the wilds. We are currently bringing the Test Developement System, TDS, to life and will bring the production one online later this week. We’re still going through some ugliness getting it to talk nicely with the XT system, but we’re getting there.

This is currently the only X2 Black Widow in the world that is available to researchers and scientists, so hopefully there will be some interesting research done on it.  The only other X2’s in the world are currently buried in deep dark government data centers.

It’s at the Advanced Computing Facility run by the EPCC and maintained by the University of Edinburgh just outside of Edinburgh Scotland. We’ll be hooking up the production system to the current XT4 system HECToR. HECToR is a 60 Cabinet Cray XT4 that just dropped from the 2nd fastest computer in all of Europe to the 4th fastest. It’s also currently the 29th fastest in the world, it dropped from 17th.

This is a computer rendering of HECToR from above. The new Black Widow will attach to the upper left end. Cabinet 0-0.


Here is what the Black Widow X2 looks like with a couple of default cabinets.

Cray XT5h