So, a hypothetical, hypocritical, and blasphemous question.

If you could look into a crystal ball and predict the future climate, roughly, and it wasn’t what all of the “Experts, like Gore” (disgust showing here), predict. How would a person use that knowledge to make a bit of money? Kind of like good old Al Gore cashing in on the fears of Global Warming.

Say, instead of the temperature rising a degree or so in the next decade as predicted by all of the global warming alarmists, say it dropped a degree or so. Blasphamy you say? Well, maybe this could be caused by the delay of sunspot cycle 24 and weaker than normal, as predicted, sunspot cycle 25? hmmmm… Damn, I hate when a good theory gets in the way of the global warming alarm ism.

So, instead of arguing the finer points of climate prediction, let’s just jump to the fun bit. How do you invest now, in a world of global warming alarm ism, to make money if we actually see global cooling?

Invest in struggling ski resorts. My co-worker Felipe, came up with this one. If the temperatures continue to decline, (did you know that the temps were declining over the last couple of years?) then the struggling ski resorts, due to poor snow fall, will get their snows back and have a booming business. This sounds like a good idea, not sure how to implement, but definitely worth research. This may sound silly, but, do cooler temperatures mean better snow falls?

What about crop futures? A cooler temp will cause lower crop yields in basics like wheat, corn, etc. Which should drive the prices up. The down side is that the alarm ism of worse storms, droughts, floods, etc caused by Global Warming have already caused the prices to rise. Will it rise even more if they have the new alarm of cooling?

What about energy. The price of almost all energies across the board are going up because of the “Bad for environment” factor. With cooling one needs more energy consumption. Will this in turn cause an already over priced commodity to rise even more? If so, where to invest? Nuclear? Coal? Oil?

Those are just a couple of the ideas I’ve thought of. What are some of the others? Come on people! I wanna be a bazillionaire! Let’s all be capitalists, how can we make money on this if it does cool?

And just so you don’t think I’m completely cracked in the head. Well, at least not about this. (-:

Global Temperatures

Grabbed from the Friends of Science page.