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Well, I went and spoke with the owner of McDonald Mini’s today to get an idea of what some basic work on Mr. Ed would cost. One of the things I asked about was how much for an oil change. It’s a pretty basic maintenance item. Half hours labor and a filter he says, about 18 pounds if you supply the oil. Okay, I can run up to Halfords and get the oil, it’s 20-50 by the way because the mini engine and gear box share the oil. I need 5 Litres of Oil total, about 5 Quarts for my American friends.

Now, here’s where I almost blew a gasket. 46 pounds for 5 Quarts/Litres of oil. That’s $92 for my American friends, and NO that’s not a mistype. Can you believe that crap? $92 bucks for 5 quarts of oil, and for a Mini at that. I’m not talking 10 quarts of oil for some monster V8 engine, this is a piddly little 1275cc engine.

Who in their right bloody mind decided to tax oil to the point of absolute stupidity? Now instead of keeping my mini in proper condition by changing the oil every three months or so, and keeping the engine in better condition, I MIGHT change the oil once a year. There by causing the engine to run dirtier and polute MORE than if the oil was at a somewhat reasonable price.

I don’t understand why the British public puts up with such crap? I just don’t get it. There is absolutley no reason for these prices other than someone has snowed the public into thinking it’s a normal thing. It’s NOT. It’s a scam! You are being SCREWED! And you’re putting up with it. Oil in the US runs about $4 a quart. That’s 1/5th the cost of oil here in the UK.

  • Update: Parts America has 20W50 oil at $2.59 per 32 oz.
  • 34 oz per Litre, so to be the same, I need 5.3 units or $15.37 worth of oil.
  • 46 pounds at todays exchange rate equals $89.64.
  • So, in the US it’s $15.37 and in the UK the same thing is $89.64, or 5.8 times as much.

I’m shaking my head sadly. The Eco Zealots have the UK public once again snowed and suckered. Oil bad! Oil companies bad! Big business, Bad! Evil, they’re all evil!!!! Live like you’re in the Middle ages again! Save the planet!

Who needs such modern convieniences as clean water, warmth in the winter, basic medicines, not too mention enough food to survive on? Those are all caused by evil modernization! Not to mention everyone HAS to go organic! By god all those pestisides are bad, please ignore the fact that those same pesticides mean we get to actually eat most of the crops grown, that more crop per acre is now usable than at any other time in history. Pesticides and fertilizer are Bad bad bad! Just think how many of those Irish people would have survived if pesticides were used to stop the great potato famine. Just because it’s only been in the last 90 years that you had a better than 50% chance of going to the hospital and getting BETTER. That’s in the era of BAD. Modern medicine is the evils of Big Business.

Bunch of stupid wankers.

Can you tell I’m in a frustrated state again? Does it show?

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