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For those who don’t know. Before deciding to turn our lives upside down and move to Scotland we were living the good life in Pacific Grove California. This just happened to be the closest I had ever been to a small festival held every year in the Black Rock desert called Burningman. I think last year burningman had about 30,000 attendees.

Burning man can be described in many ways. I’ve heard it called, just a bunch of naked bicycle riding hippies in the desert, to the biggest art, freedom, party, get together, experience in the world. My neighbor Chuck just shook his head and looked at me like a was a nutter to even contemplate going to such an event. A week sucking sand in the middle of the desert with 30,000 ex hippies and crazies.

Well, sadly, even after making all my plans to go, we decided to move 1/3 of the way across the world from the Black Rock Desert, and my goals of attending Burning man were crushed.

Then, on the television Sunday night they had a special on a music festival called the Glastonbury Festival.


Instead of an art themed festival, this is a music themed festival. Music! Alright!!! The Glastonbury festival is the closest thing to a bunch of half naked bicycle riding hippies partying in the desert that the UK can get to. It’s a bunch of half naked, crazed, music loving partying hippies in a remote area of southern England. A week long music, party, camp out, good time!

I won’t be able to make this years festival, the timing is just too tight. The festival is the end of the month and only 400 miles to the south of me. So, not this year, but next year, watch out!

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