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A friend and co-worker of mine has come over to help solve some problems on our HECToR system, he’s become something of Crays batch scheduler expert. When you’re dealing with 11k+ processors you can get some interesting issues when trying to schedule work on the system.

What’s been interesting is that he’s never been to Scotland before and so I’ve been trying to show him around a bit after work and it’s been really an eye opener to get a new perspective on Edinburgh. We’ve only been here less than 5 months now, but we’ve already become so used to driving past stone walls, castle towers, cathedrals, stone tenement housing, etc, that I don’t even notice them most of the time now. It’s really sad.

Driving John around in my Mini, yes two full sized adults DO fit in it, and hearing him exclaim “Wow did you see that? Hold up a minute I want a picture of that.” over and over as I drive home from work. Well, it makes one stop and see the sights again and realize just how fascinating some of the things a stones throw from home can be.

Some of the sights on my drive home.

I leave work and drive through the Bush Estate

Bush Estate

to the Gowkley Moss roundabout, and then towards Roslin.

Roslin Village, Midlothian

Just before Roslin I cut down and go through Rosslyn Glen

Past both Rosslyn Chapel and Rosslyn Castle.

Rosslyn Chapel

Then up out of the Glen and past the village of Rosewell and through the village of Bonnyrigg. I then head over the river South Esk and past the Dalhousie Castle.

Dalhousie Castle

I then enter Newtongrange and past the Lady Victoria mine which is now the Scottish Mining Museum

and home.


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