Alright. I’ve been around cars almost my whole life. I truly know at least something about most vehicles. We’ve had a leased new Ford Focus for the last 3 months that Roberta drives. Every once in a while I’ll get gas in it for her and I think to myself, I need to check the oil some time, but in the few seconds while getting out of the car to fill it up I can never find the hood/bonnet release, so I say bag it, next time.

Well, today I had enough and searched and searched trying to find the dang release. I finally gave up and got the manual out. Yep, I had to get the damn manual out to figure out where the hood/bonnet release was. It’s a key hole UNDER the front Ford emblem. Yes you read that right, UNDER the front Ford emblem, and not just under it, but you have to twist the emblem in front of the radiator 180 degrees around the left hand side and then there it is, a fricken key hole. What bloody genius thought that crap up????

Couldn’t be a button, or a lever, or even a stupid switch somewhere inside the vehicle. OH NO, it had to be UNDER the hood emblem. No wonder Ford makes such crappy cars these days with geniuses coming up with things like this. You need the manual to figure out the hood release. Ridiculous.

Oh, and the oil is fine by the way.