Today we packed a picnic lunch and headed just under 30 miles south to visit the Melrose Abbey.
This abbey was first built around 1136 or so, was torn asunder around 1322 and rebuilt. The last resident monk died there in 1390. So, it’s basically been unlived in for around 620 years or so. One of the most interesting things about the Abbey is the fact that Robert The Bruce’s heart is buried there. It seems he always wanted to go on a crusade, so his friend James Lord of Douglas had his heart removed after death, embalmed, and placed in a small casket and took his heart with him on the crusades.

Sadly, the Black Douglas (as he was also known) was killed during the crusades. It’s been rumored that while in the heat of battle, his last, he removed Robert the Bruce’s heart and threw it into the battling Moors saying “Where Robert leads I will follow!” After his death both Sir James Douglas and Robert the Bruce’s heart (which were found on the battle field next to each other) were returned to Scotland and Robert’s son, King David II,  had his heart buried at Melrose Abbey.
Here is a picture of the inside of what’s of the main Abbey. I had the girls in this picture to give a clue as to the massive scale of the building.
We had a good time visiting the site.
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