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It’s funny how wound up I can get over some things that have such little impact on life. My computer crashed this morning after about 4 hours of sleep. So while I was running diags, gathering sysdump data, and rebooting I was reading digg and saw the article about Polar Bears being put on the endangered list, “because of Global Warming.”  The World Wildlife Fund has a big article saying that “POLAR BEARS WILL BE EXTINCT IN 100 YEARS!!! ” This was then referenced by the South Florida Water Control Board as a reason to think sea levels could rise 5 feet in a century and sink all of south Florida.

Instead of ranting about the stupidity of humankind it made me wax philosophical.  Why is it I find it so frustrating when I read these articles? I’ve never seen a Polar Bear and I doubt I’ll drive up to Churchhill to check them out. Why does the silliness of the South Florida Water council matter to me, I don’t plan on living there.

And yet it really bothers me to read these things. I guess it’s an innate fear that some do gooder eco zealot will use items like this to bludgeon my life in some way. I won’t be able to use a tumble dryer to dry my clothes because it’s not eco friendly. You have to put them out on the line to dry like the 1950’s. Oh wait, I have to do that here already. hmmm…. I’ll have to pay some outrageous fee to drive a car. Oh wait, that’s already happened here in the UK. I want to have family fly to the UK to visit. $750 flight, not bad, Uh wait a minute? Total cost $1350, oh ya, taxes, carbon taxes, fuel fees, environmental impact fee.

I hope people realize that by driving a car you can be fined for harming an endangered species. IE you drive a car which produces carbon dioxide which causes the earth to warm which melts the ice at the north pole which causes the polar bears to have to swim farther to kill seals which causes their population to decline. IE you’re killing polar bears by driving your car. Now you’re subject to a fine and imprisonment.

By the way. Polar Bears, unless you think they are fairly new to the earth, have already survived at least two warming and cooling cycles worse than anything happening right now. Oh well.

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