Today we had a photographer from the University of Edinburgh out here at the Advanced Computing Center to take some video and pictures. Yes, yours truly is now a film star, ya, not! However I am in the new videos. Anyhow, we were chatting about some of the things he’s taken pictures of and somehow the conversation ended up about how he had taken pictures of Peter Higgs, who had a Yucca tree in his office and that how when it reached the ceiling he would retire.

Momentary pause for consideration. Uhm. Peter Higgs the theoretical physicist? You know, like the one the God Particle is named after? Higg’s boson, Higg’s field. That Peter Higgs? Yep. Sure as sin. It seems that Peter Higgs is an Emeritis Professor at the University of Edinburgh. He lives here in New Town. I just watched a youtube video about him where he talks about walking past the home where James Clerk Maxwell was born while on his daily strolls. This is another place I am going to need to go check out, just to say I’ve been there. Nerd Nirvana.

I know, if you’re not a geek you have no idea of what I’m talking about. That’s okay. I do. Put it this way. The $6,000,000,000 CERN Large Hadron Collider is being used to try and find proof of this particle. Yep, a $6 Billion dollar machine.  

Minor note. There are some questions about whether or not the LHC is going to destroy the Earth. Something about Small Black Holes and Stranglets. Nothing to worry about. If you hear a great big sucking sound from Eastern Europe, well, then it might be a bigger problem. (-:

Anyhow. Needless to say, I’m impressed by this fellow Peter Higgs. It would be fascinating to meet this guy and just have a cup of coffee and chat.