From the annals of “That’s too crazy not to be true” and the “You can’t make crap this crazy up.”

The UK government has outlawed names of products and drinks like a “tequila Slammer” “Whisky shooter”, etc. Yep, you read right. It’s against the law to call them that.  So don’t even think about trying to order a kamakazi.

You can find the whole drunken idiocy here.

Alcoholic drinks that are marketed to be “downed-in-one” – including slammers and shooters – are to be banned under new rules published this morning.

Downing drinks is potentially damaging because it can cause people quickly to get drunk.  David Poley, chief executive of the Portman Group “Uhm, ya think genius? That might be the point”

“The Panel could rule against drinks calling themselves shooters and slammers if they decide such names urge rapid drinking. To avoid that happening, we recommend that producers of these drinks re-brand them before the new rule comes into effect next year.”

Welcome to life in the UK.