I’m currently reading an interesting book by contraversial author Richard Dawkins called “The Selfish Gene.”

The Selfish Gene

It was written back in 1976 and is still very interesting today. I guess the best description I’ve found for it is “A Gene centered view of Evolution.”

One of the comments in the book that I found very fascinating was a reference to the human brain in regards to the number of neurons. “The human brain contains thousands of millions of neurons while only a few hundred transisters could fit within a skull.” Remember, this was written in the mid 70’s. Current integrated circuits have around 100,000,000 transisters per square centimeter. So, the thousands of millions of neurons is now equivelant to about 10 or so square centimeters of integrated circuit. Kind of makes one stop and think. (A current Opteron Processor has about 54.3 million transistors).

Only about half way through the book so far, but it’s definitely been worth the read to this point.