‘A House of Verie Good Strengthe’

Well, we wandered around on Saturday and found the Hailes Castle. This castle was first built before 1300 is one of the oldest Scottish stone castles still partially standing, and has seen a lot of history. This castle was run/owned by the 3rd husband of Mary Queen of Scots for a bit. In 1446 Archibald Dunbar decided to raid the castle and “Kill all he found therin”. If that wasn’t bad enough in 1650 Cromwell’s Roundheads dismantled a good portion of the Castle.

There isn’t a whole lot of it left at this point, but it’s an interesting ruin to wander around. It’s in a very pretty location about 10 miles from our house near East Linton.

Here is the first view of the castle as you walk down from the road.


Here is the remnants of the outer wall and a picture of the girls to give a perspective of how thick the thing was.


The castle sits just above a small river. Here are views of the river and of the castle from the river.


The castle even came with it’s own Bread oven and brewery pit. My kind of place.


And what’s a castle without a Pit Prison?


 And just a couple more random shots of the West Tower, main hall and the girls checking out a stream that was on the grounds.