A couple more things that are unusual from the perspective of an American moving to Scotland.

Lorries, semi’s for us Americans, just stopping in the road to unload goods at stores. Literally just stopping. Gumming up traffic in both directions through a villages. I know in the US UPS and Fedex are now doing that and pissing off motorists to no end. Here where the roads are half as wide it’s a common practice.

You go and buy a garden hose and it comes with no ends on it. None. You actually have to buy the ends seperately. So much for washing my car the other day. Bought the hose, a spray nozzle and some soap. We get home, I unroll the hose, and what the hell?

Crappy cuts of meat. We’ve been through about 10 different cuts of meat from both the store and the butchers. Every one is half fat, and not the nice cut off the ends fat but the mixed in fat. If you think you’re getting a good cut of steak, well, when you get it home and flip it over, the bottom half is fat. Now, I know we’re spoiled with just coming from Montana,  but please. There has to be a good steak around here somewhere.

I measured my commute today. It’s almost exactly 10 miles. I leave the house, go under the Lothian Bridge, cruise a little farm road towards the Dalhousie Castle, cut over through Bonnyrigg and then off to Roslin Glen. Down through the glen past the Rosslyn Castle and Rosslyn Chapel, up out of the glen, through the Growkly Moss round-a-bout and into the Bush estate. Where at one time if you were caught cutting down a tree for the third time meant execution. And I’m at work. It’s actually a fairly fun commute. Takes about 20 minutes in my Mini.