So, what’s it like to drive a 1991 Classic style mini cooper?

  1. you’re almost guaranteed to be the smallest car on the road.
  2. You are one with the bumps and potholes. Something not normally noticed can jar my teeth now.
  3. noisy. Engine noise and road noise. Doesn’t help I have a stage 1 kit on the car. (-;
  4. windshield wipers flop back and forth like a broken wrist
  5. 75 miles an hour is either launch speed or “We’re breaking up Captain” speed.
  6. no lights on the dash. All switches are done by feel. (and I keep getting them wrong)
  7. no cup holders. Where does my coffee go???
  8. no glove box
  9. Windows keep fogging up. That’s with rear defroster on and front air defroster, and window cracked.

Final impression so far? It completly ROCKS! It is a total blast to drive. It’s got decent power because of the 1275 motor with the stage 1 kit. It handles really good because of the stiff suspension. You go around the round-a-bouts like a go cart, grabbing gears and holding on. Parking is a breeze even here in this psycho midget parking lot country. I look at the people driving their Porches and Mercedes and think, I’m probably having more fun driving around in my old beat up 1400 pound mini than they are in their 30k-40k luxury car.

After a weeks driving I put 16 pounds of petrol in. That’s just over 3 gallons of gas here.

 Side Note: I went down to Halfords at lunch today and picked up a multimeter, wire, connectors, heat shrink, two different styles of LED’s and an illuminated switch. I’m installing some dash lights so I’ll quit turning on the flashers when I want to turn down the heater, or better yet, not turn off the lights when I really want to turn the rear defrost off.