This weekend we decided to get out of the house and go see another castle. This time we drove about 5 miles south to the small village of Crichton and checked out the Crichton Castle. This castle isn’t much more than ruins at this point. It was originally built in about 1400 and has had a rough existance.

 What’s really neat about his particular castle is that it shows what castles were all about. It’s a fortified home, and it looks it. There is a beastiality to this place. A rough and harsh existance is felt just looking at what’s left. This castle was actually besieged and captured in 1559.

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Even the stables are a fortified style structure. Animals were housed below and the servants on the second floor.


With every good Castle there must come a Chapel. It’s known as the Crichton Collegiate Church. It’s the in thing to have after all, a chapel/church/kirk with your castle. Here is the Chapel that was built near the castle in 1449. It’s a solid looking building. I guess it needs to be to have been around for almost 600 years in the rains and winds of Scotland.


There are some very intersting grave stones in the grounds around the Church. The oldest one we could still make out was dated 1709. We might go back and try to do some rubbings on  a few of the older and harder to read stones. Try to get an idea of what they say and how old they are.

Here are two interesting marker. Skulls and Crossbones on your grave. Interesting to say the least.

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