Well, I just found out the hard way that if you fail to inform your bank that you’ll be doing some consistent spending out of country they will freeze your credit card for your own protection!

 Normally I would get a phone call in regards to that, however my cell phone now says “I’m out of country don’t leave a message.” Oops, and my home number no longer works. Oops again.

So, I went to pay for my rental car so I could keep it another week while waiting for the lease vehicle, which has been delayed and delayed,  and the charge came back DENIED! Ahh heck! Now this is bad enough, however, remember the time zone differences? This happened at 9am my time, or midnight Alaska time! 8 hours I have to wait before they open up and I can get it fixed. Uhg!

Why am I still using a bank in Alaska? Well, AlaskaUSA Credit Union treated us right while we were up there, so I’ve just always kept them as my bank. It’s been 8 years now, even though I’ve lived in Alaska, Montana, California, and Mississippi since I opened the account. It’s always just worked out that I could keep the account.

So, why don’t I get an account here in Scotland and call it good? Funny you should ask that. Well, it turns out that someone moving to the UK, CAN NOT open a normal bank acount until after they have established a credit history here. At least 3 to 6 months! Minimum. The only saving grace is that HSBC has what they call a Passport account, mainly geared towards college students. It’s the most basic of accounts possible, but they will let someone who’s just moved to the country have an account. I have a debit card and that’s about it, but I could use it to set up my direct debit to pay for the house, which you HAVE to have to rent a house here. However with a Passport account you DO NOT qualify for any credit lines, credit cards, time of day, nothing. So it’s kind of a catch 22. I at least have a bank account, but it sucks.

Oh ya, and to make matters even more fun. Even though I have enough cash in the Passport account to pay for the rental, budget will not accept Cash or Debit cards as payment. They will only accept major credit cards and the only one I have with almost $2000 worth of limit is my Alaska USA card. I don’t like having credit cards, so now that I need a backup one I don’t have it. I like to pay off the cards and not carry the debt load. So I only have a few with low credit limits. It’s all I’ve ever needed. I know, I know, it’s almost unAmerican not to have at least $5-10k in credit cards and credit card debt. But remember, I’ve moved away from America. (-:

Oh well. Another twisting turn in the saga of moving overseas.