It’s very strange moving to a new country and learning the local society. One of the things that is glaringly obvious here in Scotland is the fact that most of the people here in the UK bow down and pray to the church of Global Warming. Baa…. Baaa…. It’s on the news, it’s in the newspapers, it’s everywhere here, and it’s blamed for EVERYTHING. It rains, must be global warming, it doesn’t rain, must be global warming.  The fricken sun comes up, must be global warming. Don’t take a new plastic bag from the grocery store, you have to bring in the used ones to use over and over. Otherwise you might be hurting the environment. People here all wear damp clothes, because, I kid you not. Using a dryer is BAD for the environment.

Gas is $10.50 a gallon, not because of the $8+ dollars worth of taxes but because there is an oil shortage and it’s bad for the environment. You can only drive a piece of crap 1.5 litre car because, oh my god, the CO2 emmissions from anything bigger will ruin the environment. Blah Blah Blah!!!

So, why am I so wound up about this crap? I walked down to the river by our house. The beautiful River South Esk. You should see the pictures of it in the brochures. Wow. Supposed to be this great fly fishing river. I thought, way cool.  A place close by that I can go learn to fly fish. Want to see what it really looks like?

My first view of the river after I walked down the trail. Some garbage on the trail and a burnt out old car. Thought it a touch strange, but okay. I found the river.


 I saw this really neat old stone wall holding up the embankment on the other side. There was a cave/hole at the end of the wall, I couldn’t see into it very well, but it looks intersting. No idea of how old this wall might be.


 I walked down the path a touch more, some more garbage strewn about, dog poo also. Then I came around the corner and saw this floating nastyness.


And up on the embankment this wall of debris. Literally a wall of it.


and some rusted barrels who knows what just lying there also.


Thank god these people care so much for the environment. Otherwise think of how nasty this river might be. I’ve never seen so much trash and garbage outside of a dump before in my life.  Talk about a bunch of hypocrits. Save the earth from the evils of global warming. Up the prices on anything that might “cause harm” to the environment. Tax the crap out of everything you can, and blame global warming for it. 

Then they do this to the local rivers. What a crock.