I’ve added some pictures to the gallery of our move to Scotland. I know, I know, it’s about time.

Here are the lady’s at SeaTac with all of our bags. And there were 9 of them, yep nine. Only one of them ended up being over the 50 pound limit and cost $50. All of the others made it, just barely in some cases.

1924 1928

Once we were in and past security we had about 2 hours to kill so we grabbed a bite to eat and some books for everyone.

1934 1937 1940

Here everyone is after 10 hours in the air getting a bite to eat in Amsterdam.

1943 1946 1949 1953 

And finally we make it to Edinburgh Airport where Molly and Nora get pictured while waiting for the rental car.


Here is our new home, aptly called TerraNova or New Land.


And finally, only a day after getting here the girls join the local Scottish gang.


That’s all for now.