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Yep. Hell is freezing over.

Hell Freeezing

I, whom has voted Republican since I started voting so many year ago, will not only vote Democrat this year, but after much research and late nights, I’ll be voting for Barack Obama.

I have no idea of what it was about this election, but, I’ve actually begun to give a crap. I’ve watched both Republican and Democratic debates. I’ve read the articles about most of the candidates. I’ve, for the first time in my life really done some research. And I will be damned. I’m changing from a life long Republican to a Democrat. Not sure if this will stick beyond this election or not, but, given the Republican options, hell, it’s not pretty. There is absolutely NO way I would vote for another Clinton. But Barack, well, he’s getting my vote. Scary. Who would have thought it.

It’s currently 2 am in the morning. I’ve been up watching the Iowa results. Last night I was up till 3am watching different youtube videos on different candidates. What is it about his election. Why is it that for the first time I really and truly am interested in the election. It’s such a strange experience. And to thing I will only get to vote via Absentee ballot. I won’t even be in the country, and yet I’m losing so much sleep over this whole thing.

So strange.

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