Tick Tick Tick.. Time is running out. We only have just under three weeks left till we move from the US to Scotland. So many things still to get done.

  1. Get the Entrance visa’s back.
  2. Get the plane reservations made. Fly from Butte, MT or Seattle???
  3. Sell the truck, furniture, and clean out the house.
  4. Box up what won’t fit in the luggage and fill out all the customs forms, give to Sister in law to mail after we get the house.
  5. Give notice to the leasing company and have all the utilities shut down in the next two weeks.
  6. Get UK car insurance.
  7. Get the girl’s school information put together and ready for new schools in UK
  8. Get dog to Mother-in-law’s and arrange for her travel in 4-5 months.

Just of the few things to get done and less than three weeks to go.