I found a house for us in the small village of Newtongrange Scotland. Here’s a map. It’s a nice 4 bedroom brick place in a neighborhood of similar houses. There are parks around with bike trails and from what I could find out there’s quite a few other kids around.


It’s kind of funny that you can actually see a mining head frame from the house in Newtongrange. From the house here in Butte, MT. we can see about a dozen of them.


The mine shut down about twenty years ago and is now the Scottish Mining Museum.

There are quite a few parks around the house and by the Newtongrange Primary school where Molly and Nora will be going.


Down the road about a mile away is the Dalhousie Castle and Falconry. It’s a very nice castle that they have turned into a restaurant, spa, and Falconry.