A quick update.

The cottage I was staying in was booked this weekend so I had to find other accomodations. Well, in the US I would have found a motel 6 or some other such place. Well, over here in Scotland that doesn’t work as easily. Now, I’ll be staying in a Quality Inn tomorrow night because it’s next to the airport and I have to be there at 4am. Uhg. But tonight, well tonight is another matter.

I am staying in the Shieldhill Castle. Yes, an honest to goodness castle. Now, I’m staying in the new construction area, which was built in about 1550. The core of the castle, where the bar and dining room are, was built in 1199. Ya, 1199, I didn’t stutter. For someone from the US this is unheard of.

Shieldhill Castle grounds

I’m also not the only Famous person to stay here. (-: Nelson Mandela stayed here in 1997. He even planted a tree out back.

I think I’ll go down to the bar, grab a pint, then wander into the sitting room and read for a bit. hmmmm. It’s a rough life…..’

PS. Cray UK has a special rate here and it’s actually cheaper than the “Quality Inn” by the airport.

 Oh, and lest we forget! It’s haunted also.

The Grey Lady

Insomniacs visiting Shieldhill should listen for things going bump in the night, for behind the door of a certain room, someone is definitely not sleeping.

Shieldhill has parts dating back to the 12th Century, but ‘the keep’ is the part haunted by the Grey Lady, thought to be a daughter of the Chancellor Family, who owned the house until the 1950s.

The Lady herself comes from the 17th Century, a time of religious persecution in Scotland, and may have been driven to suicide after being molested by soldiers passing through the area.

The more accepted story, however, is that she fell in love with a ‘commoner’ and when her father forbade the marriage the broken-hearted lass committed suicide. The Lady, wrapped in a grey cloak, prefers to keep to her own room, which is one of the bedrooms available to guests. Sleep in it if you dare!