I’ve been in Scotland for 5 days now. I finally got a chance to start looking around on Friday and today. It’s been an adventure learning to drive on the left side of the road. Picture yourself driving in an unfamiliar car, on the left side of the road, in the rain, the dark, and it’s windy. Now your on a narrow, very narrow, street doing 60 miles and hour. You come up to a curve and a car is coming your way, you can’t tell which side of the road they’re on. So you say to yourself, “Stay left, Stay left!” Now that’s the easy driving, I got stuck in down town Edinburgh at 1pm on a Friday afternoon, with bus’s, cabs, cars, people, and bloody Round Abouts! Oh the fun! On the upside, I’m still alive, the car is unscratched, and I didn’t hit a single pedestrian. It was a good day. (-:

Here’s my car. 1739 It’s a nice little Ford focus. It gets about 35-40 miles per gallon, the way I’m currently driving. And at Pound and a Penny a litre that translates into a little over $10 a gallon for gas.

I’ve seen a lot of countryside and sheep in the last couple of days. That and Castles, stone walls, and towers. There are an amazing amount of ruins around here. I was driving along and here’s a castle, then a tower, then another castle. Pretty cool really. Here’s one I didn’t catch the name of. It’s right outside of Peebles Scotland.


Then, everyone who watched the Davinci Code should know this castle. It’s the Rosslyn Castle. Here are three different views, from the pathway, from down below it, and from the scaffolding on the Rosslyn Chapel’s roof.


 Speaking of the Rosslyn Chapel. I took a few pictures of it also. Mainly from the inside, the outside is covered in scaffolding.

Here is a grave marker in the chapel yard.


The crypt to the side and below the Chapel.


I’ll put more pictures up later. I have the whole set I took today on the gallery page. Go poke around.