Okay, since I’ve been doing it a lot lately and there may actually be some folks out there who haven’t. Here is a two second overview of what traveling with an insulin pump is like.

One of the things that kind of surprised me was that I don’t have any problems at all carrying my pump and my supplies through security at the airport, including insulin and needles. Of course I have to put my insulin in the silly plastic baggy so that they can see it. Then there is the darn metal detector going off and giving some TSA weenie the opportunity to feel me up. Which happens almost every time I go through security. It’s a pain in the butt, but not too bad overall.

Depending on length of trip and locations I will do one of two things. I either take all of my insulin pump supplies in my carry on bag or I will split the supplies between my checked bag and my carry on bag.

As a minimum I will take in my carry on. 1 Bottle of insulin, one backup needle, injector (although you can put in the infusion set by hand if it comes down to it), 2 infusion sets, 2 reservoirs, and some alcohol wipes, and at least one spare AAA battery. That’s enough to get me by a week if my checked bag is lost or I can do a full system replace with a back up if I tear out (yes ouch) my infusion set on accident.

If it’s a long trip then everything else goes into my checked baggage.

Now I always worried that at some point I’d have someone tell me all my supplies would have to go into checked baggage. Which of course I would never do. Something about dying or ending up with a 911 call if I accidentally tore out my current infusion set and didn’t have the supplies to put another in. But, I’ve never had any hassles about it. Even on international travel.

So, if anyone out there is worried about flying with a pump and supplies. Well, I’ve done it about 8 times within the US and once through Amsterdam to the UK in the last 6 months and I haven’t had a single problem.