Well, as you can probably tell, I’ve modified the look and feel of the web page. I don’t know if I’ll keep it this way or not. It’s a nice change for now though.

 Some of the changes I have made are, I went from the Journalized Winter theme to the Andreas09 theme. I kept the three column look, but added and changed some of the side bar options using some different widgets. Added things like a latest comment block and the latest post block.

I’ve also updated the WordPress to Gallery2 widget, wpg2,  to the latest 3.02 version. This let me add a random picture block to the side bar, and also an album layout block. I can also do things like this now.


I also added a visitor map to the right sidebar. I’m trying a widget from a website called Clustermaps. Not sure if it’ll work very well or not. I’ll give it a bit and see.