I will be headed to Scotland for two weeks to try and find a house for the family and to meet the folks I’ll be working with.

To fly from Butte Montana to Edinburgh Scotland will take me about 22 hours. Butte to Bozeman to Seattle to Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Then less than two weeks later I’ll be going from Edinburgh to Amsterdam to Seattle to Butte. Weeeeeeeee!

I’ll be staying in a nice cottage out in the country. A place called the Roberton Mains lodge. I’ll use that as a base to travel around and check out the different villages and schools in the local area around Edinburgh.

Heres a picture of the cottage I’ll be staying in.


My office will be located on the Edinburgh Technopole, Bush House estate.  Here is the Bush House, they use it for conference rooms and some other odds and ends. It looks like a pretty area. I’m told there is a lady who trains retrievers on the property. We can watch out our office window.

Bush House