Well, we’ve been living in Butte now for a couple of months. So, what is Butte like? Well it’s a small mining town in the heart of Montana. It’s not a bad town per say. It is however past it’s prime. It’s also considered the Meth capital of Montana. The population has been slowly declining for decades. (Some increase in Population in last two years. Error pointed out by Mike)  Most of the mines have shut down, and the ones that are left are so crippled with environmental controls that they are just a memory of what they were. (Not all mines are doing bad. Some are still very successfull. Again, this error pointed out by Mike.)  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing that some environmental controls have been put in place. This whole area is tore up and a mess because of old mining.

We had a very hard time finding a house with a short term lease. In fact we could only find two. One was an executive suite at the top of one of the old building downtown, which we tried for but lost to a company leasing it for 3 years. The second house which we did rent is a small older house that is owned by the Town Pump Corporation. They run the Lucky Lil’s casinos here in Montana. Pretty much a blight on society, but that’s just my opinion. They have a habit of buying up as much of the property around their gas stations and casinos as possible. They try to prevent competition this way. This also lets them bring in some extra income by renting the properties out before tearing them down for expansion.  Which was good for us at this juncture.

Here is a pick of the house with my good ole truck parked next to it. It’s not too bad a little place. It would really be a nice place if it were on some land and we could fix it up.


And yes, that’s a major road two feet in front of the house. But, it’s a place to stay while we wait for the work visa.

Here is a pick of downtown Butte, the old district actually. “This area is called uptown, you’ll see it’s actually up on the hill and overlooks the valley. (error pointed out by Mike.)”


and another view


and here is the reason Butte became a town.