Well, it seems I’ve been pretty slow on my updates. It seems like not much is happening and yet at the same time it seems like a lot is going on. So, a quick update.

 My Work Visa application has been put in and I’m just waiting to hear back. The earliest good news would be around the 18th of November, 3 weeks from the submission. This waiting can drive a person crazy.

The girls had a good time for Halloween. Megan was a witch, Molly a pirate, and Nora a cowgirl.




The girls are all doing really well. Unfortunately we’ve been stuck here long enough that they are making friends an starting to settle in. Sadly, as soon as my work visa comes in we’ll be pulling them back out of school and moving them half way across the world.  This was what we didn’t want to happen. Oh well.

It will be good to get moved and settled in on a more permanent basis. This house is okay, just not the place we want to stay. The furnace is a total trip. It’s an old Coal burning furnace that’s been modified for gas. The door actually says 1916, and means it! There is a coal chute in the basement that’s been filled in with insulation.


On Friday the girls and I are going to spend the day wandering around Butte and trying to get the best pictures we can. We’re going to spend the day doing a photo gathering experiment. I’ll try to update the web site with some of them this weekend.