Well. It’s been an interesting two weeks. I’ve been down here in Oak Ridge Tennessee for the last two weeks working on the Cray systems here at Oak Ridge National Labs. I’ve been watching over the shoulders of the local support folks as they maintained the systems here at ORNL.  Jaguar is an XT4 similar to what I’ll be working with in Scotland. Phoenix is a Cray X1, which I won’t have overseas, but a really neat toy in itself.

ORNL is an interesting place to work. The office is between three different nuclear reactors, that I know of. The Spallation Neutron Source, the Graphite Enrichment Reactor, and the High Flux Isotope Reactor. People who work here full time have to wear dosometers to work every day. Good thing I’m done having children. (-: It’s really strange working at a place that was so instrumental in the Manhattan Project and the creation of the first Atomic Weapons. 

I’ll be flying back to Montana on Saturday the 27th o f October. I’ll spend a week with the family then it’s off to Reno for SuperComputing 07 for 3 days, then back to Montana again for a bit.

Supposedly my Work Visa application will be submitted again today and in 3-6 weeks if all goes well I’ll be able to submit for my entrance visa. Fingers crossed. Let’s see. Oct 26 plus 3 to 6 weeks means I could, in theory, get my Work Visa between 16 November and 7 December. Then it’s another week or so at least for the Entrance Visa process. Okay, so, it’s looking like 26 November at the very earliest, with a more pessimistic view of 14 December before all the paper work is taken care of.