Well, I’m currently in Mendota Heights Minnesota. I’ll be here til Friday before flying off to Tennessee for two weeks. 

 So, what have I done here since Sunday? Well, not much. I did spend a few hours in the Mall Of America on Sunday. It’s huge. 4 Stories of Mall surrounding an amusement park. Pretty wild. One sad thing to note about the  mall. There is only one book store in amongst the hundreds of other stores. One, a Barnes and Nobles on the first floor near the East entrance. I had just about given up when I found it.

The only other exciting thing I’ve done while here was to visit the Minnesota Music Cafe on Monday night for their Open Mic Blues Night. There were some very talented blues players there. Very talented. Music starts at 9:30 and runs to about 2am. I’m old, I only stuck it out till about 11pm. It was well worth getting out for the night and enjoying the music.

The one thing I found at the book store on Sunday was a book called “The Golden Ratio. The story of PHI, the worlds most astonishing number“. Ya, I know, I need a life.  It is an interesting read though, and not a whole lot else to do while living in a hotel. It was either that or the new book by Brian Greene called “The Fabric of the Cosmos“. I’ve read his “The Elegant Universe” and it was a very good book. Which was why I almost put the Golden Ratio back. I finally just decided to go with something a touch different. I haven’t delved into mathematics in a long time, and figured, what the heck. By the way, if anyone has any interest at all in the quantum world up to how the universe works and isn’t a total nerd, well, I would definitely recommend the books by Brian Greene, he has the ability to explain the very complicated in a fairly simple manner. I was very impressed by The Elegant Universe.

The first 10 digits of PHI are 1.6180339887 and yes, I’m a nerd, I pulled that out of my head without looking it up. Again, I need a life. (-: