Well, we found a small house in Butte that we could rent on a month to month basis and moved in over the weekend. I finally got internet access this morning.  Living in an interenet free zone sucks. I would hit Perkins Restaurant in the mornings for coffee and access to their wireless, then I would help Mark on the alcove for the wood stove in the evenings and use their wireless to check my emails.  It’s been interesting.

 The house we found is a turn of the century (1900) place that’s seen better days. It’s 4 foot from a 4 lane busy road, but has a decent back yard. It’s 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. The girls are all sleeping in the upstairs and pretty much all have their own space, which is really good.  The heat for the place comes from a 1916 coal burning furnace in the basement that has been converted to gas. The coal chute is still there, just filled with insulation. It’s all convection heat, no blowers. I opened the front of the furnace and at some point gas burners were placed within the furnace. It’s different, but it works okay.  I have some pictures of it I’ll try to put up later.

I’m flying off again on Sunday for Mendota Heights Minnesota for a week and then I’m headed for Oak Ridge Tennessee for another two weeks. 

We’re looking at either Christmas break, or maybe even Spring break before Roberta and the girls move over to Scotland. We’re playing it by ear at this point.