While up in Montana, just before heading to Chippewa Falls, WI, the girls, Roberta, Dorathy, Ronda, and I went to Yellowstone park for the day.

 It’s about 180 miles each way down to the park, so it made for a fairly long ride. We stopped on the way to check out some of the other sights.  Here the girls are playing at the river.



We came in the west entrance, stopping at subway en route then ate lunch picnic style near the Madison river in the park itself. 


Then we proceeded to head south towards Old Faithfull, stopping at the sights along the way.


The girls posing next to one of the hot pools.

We made it down to Old Faithfull just after it had erupted so we had an hour or so to mess around. After getting an ice cream and sitting for a minute we walked around and I saw the camera’s up in a tree and a light came on. That’s the Old Faithfull Webcam! So I grabbed the girls and called Lynn and Chuck back in Monterey, CA and told them to find the web site. Then the girls and I started waving. It only updates every 30 seconds or so, but they found the page and saw us waving at them. It was great. Afterwards there were probably half a dozen people all on their cell phones calling friends and family to do the same thing.  It was a kick.