Well, the house is tore up now. We’ve got most things we want to store in plastic bins in our bedroom. The things we’re selling are mostly all labled and in the livingroom and garage. The girls have gone through their dressers and now have a bin each of only clothing that fits and has no holes, which will eventually end up in suit cases for the move.  Most of everything else has either gone to the dump or good will.

 It is amazing how much crud we had. I had three small boxes and a garbage sack full of old bills, medical receipts, etc that I had to destroy. What a pain, and WHY did we save them all in the first place? I’ve done two dump runs so far and I’m sure I will have at least one more if not two.  Two jeep loads of toys, clothes and misc have already gone to good will.

We joked that we should just have poked a hole in the roof and let Katrina take all this crap. It’s not true, but darn, some days I wonder if it wouldn’t have been easier. Ooof.

 One refreshing thing. We’re getting rid of all the old stuff that just collects over time. We’ll have 4-6 storage bins that we will save personal stuff in. The grandfather clock goes to my Mother In-Law.  Almost everything else but clothes, some art work, Katrina memories, and John’s helmet. Gone.  We’ll be starting over with almost nothing but memories and our favorite things.

Let the adventure begin.

“So far so good!” Yelled the falling stock broker as he passed the 7th floor.