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Come hell or high water we’re going now. I just gave notice to Northrop Grumman that my last day will be around the 17th of August or so.

Looks like the girls will all head for Montana while I’m waiting for the Work Visa to come through. They will actually start school up there, and then a month or so later will transfer to where ever we end up at near Edinburgh.

The next few months will be quite interesting to say the least.  As crazy as it sounds, having the girls move up to Butte and start school will be the least disruptive way to do this. We cannot afford to stay here in Monterey after I go to Cray. I’ll be taking about a 30% pay cut once I leave Northrop. I know, I’ve had about 8 people ask me what I was thinking.

I’m thinking, Scotland for 4 years. A 250 teraflop toy. I’m thinking a masters in high performance computing from the University of Edinburgh. I’m thinking “What an Adventure!”. When we come back, well, I’ll make money then. I’ll be making enough to survive okay in Scotland, that’s what counts. This is going to be such a great experience for the girls, and when everyone here who asks “what were we thinking?” comes to visit, well, then they will know what we were thinking. (-:

Well. Watch for update 7.4 and a third. I’m sure there will be some major changes in the plans between then and now.  (-;

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