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The guys are on their way home as I write this. I got an email from Alej just before they headed to catch a plane to Kuwait. They should be back in the states by Sunday. They will be spending a week or so at Ft. Riley Kansas and then will be scattering across the country.

 It’s good to know they made it home okay. It’s been a long year.

I wrote an note to Alej trying to express what I think of what they have accomplished. This is a part of it. I hope others can understand and maybe even feel the same way. 

All of you have spent the last year knowing how dangerous getting out of bed could be, and yet, every morning you got up, got dressed, grabbed your weapon and went to work.

Anyone can be a hero for the split second it takes to die in combat. It takes someone with a hell of a lot of courage to watch someone be killed, and then get up the next morning and go do what has to be done, and then again and again.

You might not think it was anything more than your duty. That’s what makes it even more impressive to me. All of you were put into hell and you’ve come out of it okay. Some scars, some nightmares. But, for the rest of your life you can always think back, I’ve been through my hell. What ever I’m dealing with today, it’s nothing compared to that.

Well, I have the gallery up and running again. I now need to start populating it again. I have a severe dislike of spammers. There will be no commenting allowed on the gallery page because of them.

 Anyhow. It’s back up and running again at least.

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