You know the old saying, when it’s too good to be true. It probably is.

Cray has decided to go cheap.  It’s suddenly in the fine print. Out of the money they were going to give us to move, well, nothing is covered. Not only that, but it stipulates that we get NO money til my first day of work in the UKIn other words, no money to help move til after the move. Oh and they want me to work for 3-4 weeks in the US before going to the UK because of the delays in getting a visa. This is looking less and less like a viable idea.

 $1000 in Passports. 5 of em at $200 a pop. Not covered. (I can understand this one)

$800 work visa, Not covered.

$400 per person in family visa applications at about $1600 total. Not covered. 

$5000 to $6000 in airline tickets. Almost half of our moving money.  This doesn’t include taxi’s, hotel, expenses, etc while we try to find a place to live.

Basically, if I were single I could do this. With a family, forget it. I’ll just end up bankrupt in a foreign country.

DAMN IT! I want to move to Scotland but I’m not going to go bankrupt doing it. This SUCKS!

I guess Cray really is just looking to fill a slot. They want me to go work on a top 10 supercomputer for as little as they can pay. Can you tell I’m a touch frustrated?  I was really looking forward to this. The whole family was all set to go. Now, well, I’m probably gonna pull the plug.

I need a beer.