Well, it looks like it’s going to happen. Pete, the hiring manager in the UK, is sending me the official offer letter in the morning.  Roberta and I have talked about it quite a bit lately. It’s not the best offer ever made, but it should be good enough for us to live okay in Scotland. We’re not going there to get rich. We’re going there to give the girls a broader view on life, and ourselves also.

Now the hard part starts. We have to get passports, a work visa, sell most of our stuff, figure out how to store what we really want to keep, put in notice for the house, clean the house, etc etc etc.

 Life is about to get interesting for a while. It should be a lot of fun though. We’ll be starting over basically, in a new country half way across the planet. We’re looking at 4 years funded, with another 2 years if things go well.

Life is good. It’s stressfull, and full of doubts and unknowns right now. But it’s good.

 I’m hoping to keep a running dialog on the webpage as things progress. Today is July 2nd, 2007. Tomorrow I get the Official offer letter, and away we go.