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Well, the house is tore up now. We’ve got most things we want to store in plastic bins in our bedroom. The things we’re selling are mostly all labled and in the livingroom and garage. The girls have gone through their dressers and now have a bin each of only clothing that fits and has no holes, which will eventually end up in suit cases for the move.  Most of everything else has either gone to the dump or good will.

 It is amazing how much crud we had. I had three small boxes and a garbage sack full of old bills, medical receipts, etc that I had to destroy. What a pain, and WHY did we save them all in the first place? I’ve done two dump runs so far and I’m sure I will have at least one more if not two.  Two jeep loads of toys, clothes and misc have already gone to good will.

We joked that we should just have poked a hole in the roof and let Katrina take all this crap. It’s not true, but darn, some days I wonder if it wouldn’t have been easier. Ooof.

 One refreshing thing. We’re getting rid of all the old stuff that just collects over time. We’ll have 4-6 storage bins that we will save personal stuff in. The grandfather clock goes to my Mother In-Law.  Almost everything else but clothes, some art work, Katrina memories, and John’s helmet. Gone.  We’ll be starting over with almost nothing but memories and our favorite things.

Let the adventure begin.

“So far so good!” Yelled the falling stock broker as he passed the 7th floor.


Come hell or high water we’re going now. I just gave notice to Northrop Grumman that my last day will be around the 17th of August or so.

Looks like the girls will all head for Montana while I’m waiting for the Work Visa to come through. They will actually start school up there, and then a month or so later will transfer to where ever we end up at near Edinburgh.

The next few months will be quite interesting to say the least.  As crazy as it sounds, having the girls move up to Butte and start school will be the least disruptive way to do this. We cannot afford to stay here in Monterey after I go to Cray. I’ll be taking about a 30% pay cut once I leave Northrop. I know, I’ve had about 8 people ask me what I was thinking.

I’m thinking, Scotland for 4 years. A 250 teraflop toy. I’m thinking a masters in high performance computing from the University of Edinburgh. I’m thinking “What an Adventure!”. When we come back, well, I’ll make money then. I’ll be making enough to survive okay in Scotland, that’s what counts. This is going to be such a great experience for the girls, and when everyone here who asks “what were we thinking?” comes to visit, well, then they will know what we were thinking. (-:

Well. Watch for update 7.4 and a third. I’m sure there will be some major changes in the plans between then and now.  (-;

Well, I’ve had several talks with Cray lately. The current version of events is that I will stay here in Monterey until the end of the fiscal year. September 30th. This should give enough time for my work visa to either get done, or at least be close to being done. At that time I’ll be hired on my Cray UK and head off to Scotland.

 I spoke with HR today. They will be handling all the paperwork  and formalities of my work visa. Including the cost associated with it. This is a good thing.

As such. Well, looks like Scotland is a go. It’s going to take longer than we wished, but this is a long term deal, not a quick in and out. If it takes a few months to do this right, well, then we’re going to take a few months.

That’s where things stand as of today.

The guys are on their way home as I write this. I got an email from Alej just before they headed to catch a plane to Kuwait. They should be back in the states by Sunday. They will be spending a week or so at Ft. Riley Kansas and then will be scattering across the country.

 It’s good to know they made it home okay. It’s been a long year.

I wrote an note to Alej trying to express what I think of what they have accomplished. This is a part of it. I hope others can understand and maybe even feel the same way. 

All of you have spent the last year knowing how dangerous getting out of bed could be, and yet, every morning you got up, got dressed, grabbed your weapon and went to work.

Anyone can be a hero for the split second it takes to die in combat. It takes someone with a hell of a lot of courage to watch someone be killed, and then get up the next morning and go do what has to be done, and then again and again.

You might not think it was anything more than your duty. That’s what makes it even more impressive to me. All of you were put into hell and you’ve come out of it okay. Some scars, some nightmares. But, for the rest of your life you can always think back, I’ve been through my hell. What ever I’m dealing with today, it’s nothing compared to that.

Well, I have the gallery up and running again. I now need to start populating it again. I have a severe dislike of spammers. There will be no commenting allowed on the gallery page because of them.

 Anyhow. It’s back up and running again at least.

You know the old saying, when it’s too good to be true. It probably is.

Cray has decided to go cheap.  It’s suddenly in the fine print. Out of the money they were going to give us to move, well, nothing is covered. Not only that, but it stipulates that we get NO money til my first day of work in the UKIn other words, no money to help move til after the move. Oh and they want me to work for 3-4 weeks in the US before going to the UK because of the delays in getting a visa. This is looking less and less like a viable idea.

 $1000 in Passports. 5 of em at $200 a pop. Not covered. (I can understand this one)

$800 work visa, Not covered.

$400 per person in family visa applications at about $1600 total. Not covered. 

$5000 to $6000 in airline tickets. Almost half of our moving money.  This doesn’t include taxi’s, hotel, expenses, etc while we try to find a place to live.

Basically, if I were single I could do this. With a family, forget it. I’ll just end up bankrupt in a foreign country.

DAMN IT! I want to move to Scotland but I’m not going to go bankrupt doing it. This SUCKS!

I guess Cray really is just looking to fill a slot. They want me to go work on a top 10 supercomputer for as little as they can pay. Can you tell I’m a touch frustrated?  I was really looking forward to this. The whole family was all set to go. Now, well, I’m probably gonna pull the plug.

I need a beer.

Well, it looks like it’s going to happen. Pete, the hiring manager in the UK, is sending me the official offer letter in the morning.  Roberta and I have talked about it quite a bit lately. It’s not the best offer ever made, but it should be good enough for us to live okay in Scotland. We’re not going there to get rich. We’re going there to give the girls a broader view on life, and ourselves also.

Now the hard part starts. We have to get passports, a work visa, sell most of our stuff, figure out how to store what we really want to keep, put in notice for the house, clean the house, etc etc etc.

 Life is about to get interesting for a while. It should be a lot of fun though. We’ll be starting over basically, in a new country half way across the planet. We’re looking at 4 years funded, with another 2 years if things go well.

Life is good. It’s stressfull, and full of doubts and unknowns right now. But it’s good.

 I’m hoping to keep a running dialog on the webpage as things progress. Today is July 2nd, 2007. Tomorrow I get the Official offer letter, and away we go.

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