I received an email from Jeff the other day. He and the rest of the team are doing okay. He told me that it looks like the guys will be coming home around the 16th of July.

I’ve looked into plane tickets from Monterey to Ft. Riley, KS. It’s within reach. I plan on flying out for a day or so. I’d like to buy the guys a beer and meet them. They will only be at Ft. Riley for about a week and then they will  scatter to the winds. The team was made up of soldiers from Forts and units from across the states.

I don’t know about the rest of you reading this, but memorial day for me was more than remembering those lost. (I don’t need a day set aside to remember John. I touch his helmet and think of him almost every day.) Memorial day for me was a day of worrying about the guys still in theater. I can’t get my mind around all of them. But, there are 11 guys in Iraq right now that I can’t get out of my thoughts.

I’ve only met Jeff, and spoken with Alej, but that doesn’t matter. They were the brothers in arms of my brother. They were there with John to the very end. That makes them important to me. I don’t care if when we meet we immediately hate each others guts. You don’t have to like kin to love and care for them.  

Guys, your in my thoughts. Get home safe, and get home soon. The beers on me.