I have the prints. If anyone wants one let me know and I will send one out. Big Sky Brewery and Bjorn were nice enough to send me about 100 copies free of charge. I’ll be glad to mail out copies to whomever wants one. I don’t have any shipping containers yet. I’ll try to pick some up tomorrow or the next day and start mailing out to those I already know of. So far I only have to ship to 8 different states, and two countries, but I’m sure that will change as word gets out.

 If any of his team read this. I’ll be seeing you at Ft. Riley when you come home. MY copy will be signed by all of you I hope. That’s the one thing I want. I want you’all to get you sorry butts home safe and to put your mark on my copy. You were there with him at the end.

 My thanks go out to you.

 I’ll be sending copies to Jeff in Iraq so he can give out to you if you want them.

If you want a copy of the print, drop me a note at

ice_hawk5@hotmail.com or richard.a.hickey.ctr@navy.mil 

FYI. My ice_hawk55 account is currently being inundated with spam. If I don’t respond in a day or so, email me back and put poster or John or something like it in the subject line so it stands out. Or just send to my navy account, it’s still fairly spam free.