Looks like Kirk and I will be doing a dive of Monastery Beach tomorrow. We’re slowly but surely working our way outward from the Monterey Penninsula. This dive looks like it will be interesting because we’ll have the opportunity to drop down just about as deep as we want. The Carmel Canyon comes in at that point. One diver commented that you can drop down to 130ft, sit on the edge of the canyon and have your flipplers dangling over nothingness.

 Kirk and I will probably keep it around 60ft or so this dive. I still need to make sure that diving deeper won’t effect my blood sugars in any funky way.

Here is a review of Monastery Beach from shorediving.com, one from Saint Brendon, and this one here. I like the last one. It references Monastery Beach as Mortuary Beach.

Monterey Canyon 

I’ll try to update the website tomorrow night after the dives. This one looks to be fun. (-: